From Bad Lashes to Good: A Guide to Understanding the Transition.

You tried out "lash extensions" in the past, perhaps from a local nail salon and the results were disappointing. The discomfort, itching and pulling left you wondering how this could be normal. After doing some research, and hearing from friends that were happy with their lash extensions, you decide to give them another try.  But occasionally, clients making the transition away from bad lashes can have unrealistic expectations that are a result of their previous tech's bad habits. Properly applied lash extensions differ from bad lashes in several ways.  Understanding the differences will help alleviate misunderstandings.  Here are some of the key differences you can expect, and some things to keep in mind after you make the switch.

1. Your natural lashes might have been damaged.

A reputable lash artist will thoroughly inspect your lashes to see if there is any damage, such as breakage, or bare spots from lashes having been pulled out.  You might need a few weeks of "lash rehab" before you get the lashes of your dreams. This may include a recommendation to get on a lash growth serum. 

2. Your new lash tech will not place an extension that is too long, thick, or heavy on your natural lash.

For clients coming in who are used to a heavy, thick and too-long cluster lash look, their new healthy extensions can seem lacking.  Give yourself time to get used to them.  Remember, these are the lashes that are meant to last long-term. You'll have beautiful lashes that don't cause damage!

3. Your maintenance schedule might need to be adjusted.

When there is no consideration for your lash shed cycle, or follicle health, lashes just get glued all together. This also means that they can't shed properly. Clients that are used to going in for refills at the 4 week mark (and beyond ) may be surprised to hear that they will need to come in more frequently,  usually between 2-4 weeks.

4. Sticker shock.

It's quite a jump going from a $35 cluster set of lashes to $200 plus. (Depending on your area.)  However, it's important to remember that you are trusting this professional with your eyes.  The price of a certified, licensed and well-trained professional cannot be understated.

These factors are worth considering while researching and choosing a lash artist.  Remember, a good lash professional will carefully consider what is safe for the health of your natural lashes and help you achieve a beautiful look.  Make the transition with these factors in mind, and you'll have beautiful lashes to enjoy long-term.

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