How Coconut Oil is Ruining Your Skin

Oils and balms are actually ruining your skin.  I know what you’re thinking, “Pinterest told me it was OK!” Coconut oil is natural and organic, and even safe enough to eat.  So why am I telling you to stop putting it on you skin? It’s all about balance, baby.

Skin’s top function is to create a protective barrier.  When this barrier is impaired, things like inflammation, acne and rapid aging come calling.

Our skin barrier requires a delicate balance of 3 important things to function properly:

Fatty Acids



Coconut oil is a fatty acid, and when applied to the skin alone it causes the lipid ratio of the skin barrier to become out of balance, leading to inflammation.  Another fatty acid commonlly promoted as an anti-ager includes rose-hip oil.

Coconut oil is also comedogenic.  If you are acne-prone, cleansing or moisturizing with it will cause break-outs.

We recommend using a cleansing oil with sunflower oil as it is acne safe.  A great option is the Pore-Cleansing oil from Roccoco Botanicals.  You can check out their article on oils and the skin here -

Roccoco Botanicals in only available in salons with the guidance of your skin-care professional and is not sold online.

If you are in the Denver, CO area you can purchase at Le Chic Lash Boutique.

Lisa Samuelson